Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Antenna

Well, I did try a bigger antenna, to see if I could get any more OTR stations. I picked up a powered antenna from a big box store, thinking if anything would do it, MORE POWER would be the thing. Nope. If I'd been thinking I would have paid more attention to the fact that tells me I should get 12 stations and in reality I get 23. If there's anything to pick up, I probably already have it. We're not watching OTR TV, anyway; we can't seem to remember the appointments!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Whoo Hoo!

$68.00 a month, back into my pocket!

You probably didn't realize that I'm a big, fat 'fraidy cat. Sure, I unplugged the cable but I didn't actually turn it off. I do feel strongly about changing the way my family consumes TV programming but I feel more strongly about headaches, arguments and whining. I didn't know if it would be worth the trouble so I kept the safety net. But, most issues have been resolved so I called the cable company and hit the switch. Sixty eight bucks, all right!

Our most recent issues:

#1 Son is now limited to 2 episodes of The Office per day. While I haven't seen anything egregious enough to prohibit him from watching, it can be a bit racy. I wasn't comfortable letting him surround himself in mini-marathons every day.

The Dau still cries, "I just want to watch TV!" by which she means The Disney Channel. I found it streaming live, commercials and all, and put a bookmark on the browser for her. It's not the best quality picture in the world but she can find better by choosing what show and episode she wants to watch. That is to say, by doing it my way. Mwhahahahaha! <--evil laugh.