Monday, September 5, 2011

So, It's An Intermittent Blog, After All

Where were we and where are we now?

It's been six months since we turned off cable TV. I've saved about $408, Actually, I should subtract the $2 a week bribe I'm paying each of my kids in the form of an increase in their allowance. I said if we could save a bundle of money, they should get a share of the savings. That cost me about $96 over the six months. So, $302 so far.

We weren't happy with the computer-connected-TV. Number One Son complained he couldn't watch Netflix in HD through the website. I was annoyed that every time I wanted to watch PlayOn, the computer was asleep and I'd have to hike to the game room to awaken it. (It's nearly 30 feet! And it's always after I get comfortable! wah!) So when my main desktop failed I took the TV-PC for daily use and bought an HD Roku to connect to the TV. It's working famously.

The 2-episode rule is still in effect. Two episodes of any one show, per day, to prevent hypno-marathons.We have to enforce that more often than I expected.

What are we watching? We "forced" the kids to watch an episode of "Dr. Who" with us, and #1 Son liked it so much he watched every episode from the beginning (2005).  He's watching "Deadliest Warrior" and sometimes joins his sister in watching "Rugrats: All Growed Up." We asked him to stop watching "The Office" (finally) and "Scrubs."

The Dau watched every episode of "Psych" and loved it. I think it's a pretty good show for the preteen crowd. She's asked to watch "Bones" next, saying she would like to "do that" when she grows up. Forensic Anthropology? Medical Examiner? Yeah OK I'm good with that. So I'm watching "Bones" to check appropriateness. Apart from some really grisly scenes I hate but she will absolutely love, I have not much problem with it. We did ask her to stop watching "Glee." Sorry, Gleeks.

The Hubster is still watching "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations." I don't think that show has an end. We sit down together about every evening to watch an episode of "Dr. Who." In my spare time, I'm watching "Spirited" from Foxtel in Australia. It had a really slow start but once everyone gets properly introduced it's totally charming.

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